Wheatgrass Therapy

Wheatgrass Therapy , Alternative Drugless Treatment..

  Wheatgrass Therapy - at Home, without Medicines. 

                        Wheat Grass Powder, one Herb that CURES All.

  If  You or anyone u Know  got a  Cancer,
                then " Wheatgrass Therapy " is the ANSWER!
         (use Apricot kernels, Budwig therapy, and  Fagonia Cretica
                          for Breast Cancer, as Supplementary treatment)

 I have unshakable faith in "Nature Cure". I find that system, soothing and pure.   - Mahatma Gandhi.  






      Natural Treatment
your Home by Yourself
       No medicine,
      No side effects.

  Wheatgrass Therapy: when using wheatgrass powder or juice for the treatment of various ailments or diseases, then this treatment is known as " Wheatgrass Therapy". This wheatgrass therapy incorporates -  wheatgrass powder, acupressure and some kitchen spices for faster and long lasting effects.

              This therapy has no side effects as no medicines / pills are employed, therefore making it totally safe for all ages.   Dr Ann Wigmore, a pioneer of wheatgrass therapy, has been using it to help people recover from chronic illnesses for the past three decades. As far back as 1940, Dr Benjamin Cruskin said in The American Journal of Surgery that wheatgrass juice has chlorophyll that neutralizes infections, heals wounds, overcomes inflammations and gets rid of parasitic infections. A Study at the University of California showed that wheatgrass contains an enzyme (P4D1) capable of repairing faulty DNA.  and Wheatgrass also contains-

Two  CANCER fighting substances:

(1). Abscissic acid ( the “healing power” chlorophyll from wheatgrass contains an ingredient called abscissic acid, which kills many cancer cells immediately on contact,
a plant hormone along with Selenium, SOD, Laetrile (B-17) that stops the multiplication of cancer cells and destroys those already in existence..thus prevention and Cure of Cancer...and  Indole, which helps fight tumors.
(2)... Chlorophyll - The green pigment,
chlorophyll that plays a critical role in photosynthesis increases the blood’s oxygen content. Wheat grass contains 70% chlorophyll. Therefore wheat grass like all green plants, due to a high content of chlorophyll is high in oxygen too. 

The best part is that it has 'live enzymes'. Each enzyme performs a specific function within the body in conjunction with other enzymes and they control all the bodily functions.  


When taken before a meal, Fiber in wheatgrass regulates absorption of sugar and cholesterol. This will prevent sudden rise of blood sugar level, which is commonly experienced by diabetic patients after a meal.

Wheatgrass contains high level of Magnesium since this mineral is the central element in chlorophyll.Magnesium supplementation has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. Based on current knowledge, magnesium repletion may play a role in delaying type 2 diabetes onset and potentially in warding off its devastating complications  -- cardiovascular disease, retinopathy, and nephropathy. Other nutrients in wheatgrass supports energy level and overall health of diabetics.

 The  most important effects
wheatgrass on the human body are:

     1. Blood
     2. Liver
detoxification and
     3. Colon

4. Increase BLOOD Hemoglobin


This is because wheat grass juice is the richest source of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulphur and 22 amino acids,19 Enzimes and 92 Minerals. According to Dr Bernard Jensen, it only takes a few minutes to digest wheat grass juice and doing so uses up very little of the body's energy.

Wheatgrass is a very good source of Protein, vitamin B-12, Folic acid, and vitamin B-6, trace minerals and contains all essential amino acids. Dehydrated wheat grass has been used for over 50 years as a vitamin and mineral supplements.


Chlorophyll as Green Blood
As we all know the constitution of our blood is a bit alkaline. The proportion of hydrogen molecules (ph) in it is 7.4. Similarly wheat grass is also alkaline and its pH is, too, 7.4. That is the reason why wheat grass is quickly absorbed in the blood and is therefore beneficial to our body. Hence it is perfectly logical to surmise that wheat grass should cure anemia. We know that anemia is the state of body in which hemoglobin percentage becomes alarmingly low. It is so because chlorophyll and hemin have similar chemical composition. Moreover chlorophyll is a potent germicidal substance. It destroys certain type of germs that are responsible for spreading certain diseases and paralyses some others which are equally dangerous for us...
Wheat grass is also called as “Green Blood” because its close structural similarity to Hemoglobin. Wheat grass contains many nutritious and prophylactic ingredients. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B, E, K, Laetrile (Vitamin B17 – which has a marked anti-cancer effect) and several useful enzymes.
Hemoglobin and Chlorophyll -
Similar Chemical Structure.
       100 Grams Powder 
Try * WG Therapy * for:
  • Help Fight Cancer any type.
  • Good bye Constipation,
  • Increase Hemoglobin / Blood.
  • Weight-Loss  Without Medicines. Click here
    Give a try IF YOU WISH,
Wheatgrass Therapy need no clinic or doctor's visits.
It is done by yourself at your own home.
Do you like to try WG Therapy? if yes, then email
your name, address & the treatment you seek for -
Diabetes, Cancer, Anemia, Constipation, weight loss. 
You need 3 bottles WG Powder 1st month then for minimum
3 months for visible results.  Cancer & Anemia patients need
to continue for longer time....

Nutritional Information:
Per 100 grams Powder:
Protein 31.5 g
Fat 6.5 g
Carbohydrate 49.4 g
Chlorophyll 540 mg
Vitamin E 12.45 mg
Beta Carotene 31.6 mg
Vitamin C 261 mg
Folic Acid 1400 mcg
Calcium 460 mg
Magnesium 205 mg
Potassium 4000 mg
Sodium 36.5 mg
Iron 17.5 mg
Manganese 5.5 mg
Molybdenum 73 mcg
Phosphorus 630 mg
Sulphur 445 mg

Reported Wheatgrass Benefits.

Wheatgrass Powder is a Natural Health Care Product.

1. By reducing Cholesterol, it lowers High Blood Pressure.
2. By influencing Insulin Growth Factor (IGF), it balances Glucose level.
3. By purifying Blood and increasing White & Red Blood  Cell count, it help eliminate Cancer
4. Good for Nutritional Deficiency, Weight Loss/Gain, Helps remove Constipation, Menopause problems.
5. Improves Liver, Lungs, Heart and Kidney functions.
6. Cleanses your body and increases Oxygen level & more….
Use Wheatgrass Powder Tablets – Live Healthier.
Wheat grass's   Life saving substances:

* Vitamin A -(as Natural Beta Carotene) for improved eye health and to guard against infection;
* Vitamin B-2 -(Riboflavin) to aid in the release of energy from foods and promote normal growth
   and development;
* Vitamin C - to guard against cardiovascular disease, boost immunity, aid in wound healing, help form
    collagen in connective tissues;
* Vitamin D- to maintain blood levels of calcium and promote its absorption;
* Vitamin K - for proper bone and blood function;
* Calcium - for strong bones and teeth, efficient blood clotting,
nerve cell transmission
    and health muscle contractions;
* Potassium - for proper electrolyte and fluid balance;
* Iron- for stimulation of the bone marrow of hemoglobin (red-blood cell that carries oxygen to other cells)

In case you don’t find any immediate relief, try this therapy for at least 30 days at a stretch.
Only then it can have its full effects. Always remember that such sort of therapy is not like
an antibiotic treatment to show its effect immediately. But it does clean the system better
only when you have patience and faith.

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     http://rimultra.net/product_story.html Successful cases of Wheatgrass therapy


          * Breast Cancer/ Lumps * Try Natural Remedy                   


The plant-based tea is already drunk by women in rural Pakistan who have breast cancer, but until now its use as a treatment has been regarded as folklore. 

Research by scientists at Aston University, Birmingham, and Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley, suggests it contains potent anti-cancer agents that act singly or in combination against the proliferation of cancer cells. 

Laboratory tests showed they arrested the growth of cells within five hours of application and caused them to die within 24 hours. 

The plant, which has the botanical name Fagonia cretica, is found in arid, desert regions of Pakistan, India, Africa and parts of Europe. 

Professor Helen Griffiths and Professor Amtul R Carmichael, who headed the study, found herbal tea made from the extract of the plant destroys cancer cells but, unlike conventional chemotherapy, treatment does not damage normal breast cells, thus reducing side effects. 

Reports from breast cancer sufferers in Pakistan suggest that the plant extract does not trigger any serious side effects such as loss of hair, drop in blood count or diarrhea. 

The research found the plant extract had a novel mechanism which could remedy defects in
cell DNA that would normally resist tumor growth. 

An impaired DNA response not only allows the cancer to flourish, it also inhibits the way chemotherapy works which reduces its effectiveness. 

      Professor Carmichael said a small hospital 100 miles north of Lahore in Pakistan
      started using the herbal tea 40 years ago to treat breast cancer patients. 

"It appears to keep them in remission, although we can't use the word cure at this stage," she said. 

"However, they live for a long time without losing their hair or putting on a large amount of weight, or experiencing other toxic side effects associated with chemotherapy

The study was published in the journal PloSO.
  * * Use 10-grams powder to make 1 cup tea and drink early morning
        on empty stomach. Remission in 24-48 hours expected as study suggested.
        We help you get better, no guarantee. Search Google for testimonials and results.
        300 grams powder will last for 30 days. Send your name, address & contact to get
the cost, by email. Sent by courier/ postal services. Free delivery in Mumbai - India.

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